Wellness Pioneer Delos to Create Healthy Environments at Lake Nona

Today, Lake Nona announced a new collaboration with Delos, the pioneer of Wellness Real Estate, to bring wellness building and design initiatives to the 7,000-acre Lake Nona community to further enhance healthy living. The first-of-its-kind agreement will bring multiple innovative programs and health-focused construction and design practices onsite across both residential and commercial projects. Lake Nona is one of the first communities to feature Delos’ wellness-infused designs across more than one real estate typology.

“We believe there is a strong appetite for creating healthy environments at Lake Nona,” said Jim Zboril, president of Lake Nona and Tavistock Development Company. “From the physical design of the community to the neighborhood programs, and now with wellness design practices and groundbreaking programs, Lake Nona encourages all aspects of healthy living. Working with Delos, Lake Nona is building unique environments unlike anything else in this marketplace.”

The announcement was made during the 2015 Lake Nona Impact Forum, where more than 250 of the nation’s foremost CEOs, academics and health care leaders have gathered in Lake Nona Medical City to generate and exchange ideas that inspire new ways to address health care, wellness and sustainability practices in our community.

Delos Founder and CEO Paul Scialla noted, “Lake Nona is at the forefront of healthy living and through our new collaboration, Delos has a unique opportunity to introduce our latest wellness-infused designs and programs across multiple real estate categories and offer members of the community a more complete healthy living experience.”

The first project of the collaboration will be with Lake Nona’s Intelligent Home, which will include healthy living features and amenities, such as advanced air and water purification systems and circadian lighting strategies. Breaking ground later this year with a scheduled opening in the fourth quarter of 2015, the Intelligent Home will serve as a model within the Lake Nona community for emerging technologies, design and health and wellness initiatives.

Delos’ WELL Signature program will also be incorporated into a selection of the residences at Landon House, a 280-unit luxury, urban style apartment building currently under construction in Lake Nona Medical City. The WELL Signature residences at Landon House will include several of Delos’ innovative wellness designs and amenities to improve residents’ quality of air, water, light, nutrition and sleep.

Delos will also implement its innovative hospitality designs in the new dual-branded Marriott hotel through the debut of 34 Stay Well rooms. The first Delos-designed wellness hotel rooms to open in Florida, the Stay Well rooms feature more than 20 evidence-based health and wellness amenities that allow guests to maintain healthy lifestyle practices while on the road. The Stay Well experience features energizing light therapy, advanced water and air purification systems, the Stay Well dawn simulator and LightActive – a self-cleaning, photocatalytic coating applied to high-touch areas throughout the hotel room. Currently under construction in the Lake Nona Town Center, the new Marriott and its 34 Stay Well rooms will open in

In addition to these projects, Lake Nona has committed to pursuing WELL certification for several commercial office buildings.

Lake Nona is setting a new standard for the way in which business and residential communities are being built, focusing on high quality, high technology and innovative development.

Recently acknowledged by FORTUNE Magazine as a model for the next great American city, Lake Nona is one of the fastest growing communities in America attracting more than $2.8 billion in construction across 7.1 million square feet with the development of two new hospitals, three college campuses, a nationally recognized medical research institute, the USTA’s ‘New Home of American Tennis’ and thousands of new homes. Adjacent to the Orlando International Airport, Lake Nona will feature more than five million square feet of commercial space, 2,200 hotel rooms, 30,000 residents and more than 100 shops and restaurants. Focused on sustainable design and healthy living, Lake Nona is recognized by Cisco as the only designated “Iconic Smart + Connected Community” in the U.S. for its integrated gigabit network – one of only nine such communities in the world.

For more information on Lake Nona, please visit lakenona.com.

IQ Orlando Partnership Announced at 2015 Lake Nona Impact Forum

Central Florida has long been recognized as a top destination for entertainment and hospitality, but the region offers much more. It’s also a burgeoning global center for health care and life sciences. Four pillars of the Central Florida business community are pleased to announce the launch of IQ Orlando, an innovation-focused business partnership concentrated on recruiting and launching life science companies. The University of Central Florida, Tavistock Group, AHG Group, and Florida Hospital will harness their collective strength to provide an ecosystem to grow early and mid-stage companies.

“This is the realization that all four community stakeholders are committed to advancing life science in our community,” said Lars Houmann, President and CEO of Florida Hospital. “United, our efforts will accelerate the process and capitalize on opportunities that could not be achieved alone.”

Goals for IQ Orlando include improving the health of the population, increasing access to care for individuals, and lowering the cost of health care. As part of its mission, IQ Orlando is excited about the potential to partner with companies like SMRxt, a smart sensor and software technology that records, monitors and quantifies the time and dose of patient medication adherence behavior.

“We are evaluating sites across the nation, including Central Florida, in search of strong medical communities and tech hubs for the relocation of our corporate operations and manufacturing headquarters,” said Michael Huffer, CEO of SMRxt. “This region provides rich resources including Lake Nona Medical City, Florida Hospital Health Village, the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center, and the UCF College of Medicine. These assets, accompanied by the collective strength of the IQ Orlando partners, would be excellent sources of support and collaboration for our pioneering medical adherence product.”

IQ Orlando is focused on recruiting and launching both national and international health-focused companies.

“These companies we are investing in are looking for a U.S. base to launch their products and services,” said Alan Ginsberg, CEO, The AHG Group. “They will utilize the IQ Orlando ecosystem to do everything from complete the FDA certification process to develop and advance their marketing capabilities.”

As another resource for companies, IQ Orlando is introducing a Digital Health Lab to provide start-ups with a platform to develop and test new enterprise and consumer applications in smart sensors, health care IT, and the Internet of Things. The Digital Health Lab will offer an integral asset to life science start-ups as technology advances. Life sciences have digitized the human genome, medical diagnostics, the medical record, and is now poised to do even more.

“I believe that what will distinguish IQ Orlando is the benefit of having a living lab so innovators can develop their solutions in concert with consumers,” said Rasesh Thakkar, Senior Managing Director of Tavistock Group, developer of Lake Nona, the 7,000 acre, award-winning, health-inspired community anchored by Lake Nona Medical City, one of the nation’s fastest growing life sciences innovation clusters.

IQ Orlando will harness the collective strengths of its founding partners in order to create an environment rich in real-life, functional health resources for companies.

“The power of partnerships drives virtually all of our successful economic development activities in Central Florida, including Medical City, the Florida High Tech Corridor, and the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center in Osceola County, which will develop the next generation of smart sensors,” UCF President John C. Hitt said. “Through our newest partnership venture, IQ Orlando, we look forward to helping our local and state leaders attract high-tech, well-paying jobs that strengthen our innovation economy.”

This announcement took place during the 2015 Lake Nona Impact Forum, which attracted more than 250 of the nation’s top CEOs, health care innovators and thought leaders to Lake Nona Medical City for three days of collaborative conversation to inspire impactful health innovation.

Day Two Continued: Ideas Aplenty on Health Care Innovation

The afternoon sessions continued an action-packed day, starting with a lively presentation from Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” on what motivates people to change their behavior. He remarked that appealing to a patient’s feelings is more successful in changing behavior than  regurgitating facts. Consequently, doctors should change the way they talk to their patients with respect to chronic but preventable diseases. To him, facts should be presented in a digestible way, which allows the patient to draw an emotional connection to the information.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, chief medical correspondent from CNN, hosted a panel discussion connecting two seemingly disparate professionals: John Chen, CEO of Blackberry, and Patrick Soon-Shiong, CEO of Nantworks and a cancer researcher pioneer. However, the two are collaborating to take personalized cancer care to new levels. Soon-Shiong’s experience with cancer genomics is being combined with BlackBerry’s specialty in secure mobile communications. Through their partnership, doctors will have immediate and secure mobile-access to a cancer patient’s genome – allowing doctors to provide personalized therapies that treat the specific gene mutation. As a result, this technology allows cancer to be treated more effectively at the molecular level..

This enlightening conversation on personalized cancer care was followed by a spirited panel discussion on the cost of life-changing drugs. John Reed from Roche Pharmaceuticals led the panel, joined by Steve Miller from Express Scripts and Lori Reilly of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.

Next, Marc Siry, vice president at Comcast, examined how the media can positively impact patient engagement. Siry pointed out that a gulf exists between the media and the medical world – but that doctors can borrow from the media’s ability to appeal to people’s emotions. That’s because emotions change behaviors, and behavior impacts patient engagement and outcomes.

The next session – led by Patrick Geraghty, CEO of GuideWell and Florida Blue – furthered day one’s discussion about how employers can improve the health and wellness of their employees. He and his fellow panelists addressed the economic benefit of employee health programs, using Disney as an example of how new tactics are reaping tangible benefits.

The day ended with an eye-opening discussion on the true cost of mental illness globally. Speakers Husseini Manji, head of Neuroscience at Janssen Research, and Tom Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, outlined the prevalence of mental health issues and the numerous lives lost from it each year. They discussed the need to change the stigma associated with mental health so individuals will more readily talk about it and seek treatment, as with other health issues such as heart disease or diabetes.

Thad Seymour, Jr., president of the Lake Nona Institute, wrapped up the sessions by marveling at the “fire hose” of information that had been shared. As day three dawns, this welcome deluge of data and insights is sure to continue.

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