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Monday, November 3
1:00 ­-2:00pm (EST)

A new approach to driving individual performance and health outcomes:
How businesses and communities can serve as performance coaches to get results.

We all have a vested interest in keeping others and ourselves healthy and productive. Unfortunately, this is becoming an increasingly difficult task to accomplish, as both chronic disease and the cost of healthcare in the United States continues to rise. It is clear that we need a new direction if we’re truly going to solve this healthcare crisis.

We invite you to take one hour of your day to open your mind to a new approach to healthcare that stems from learnings through the field of sports.

What if you could play the role of performance coach to the individuals you serve and help drive the health outcomes you’re looking for? What if you helped individuals focus on managing their energy, rather than giving them the often overwhelming task of managing their health?

Join Dr. Fik Isaac, MD, MPH, Vice President, Global Health, Johnson & Johnson; and Thad Seymour, Jr, PhD, President, Lake Nona Institute on how business and communities can successfully play the role of performance coach to drive health outcomes. Discover how we can work together to influence an individual’s health and performance on multiple dimensions.

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