2024 Lake Nona Impact Forum:
Social Media Resources

We’re looking forward to bringing the conversations happening at the Lake Nona Impact Forum online through our social media platforms. #LNIF24

Your Voice Matters

The Impact Forum is all about providing a space for collaboration in order to drive change. With this in mind, we encourage you to engage and share #LNIF24 content on social media to help amplify the important messages delivered at the forum. Together, we can maximize our impact and reach new audiences.

During this year’s Lake Nona Impact Forum, we will share high-caliber social media content that intimately explores the themes and conversations of #LNIF24, featuring compelling quotes, evocative images, impactful videos, and thought-provoking discussion topics for our audience.

The focal point of our content will be the LinkedIn page, serving as the hub for in-depth insights. Meanwhile, InstagramFacebook and X (formerly known as Twitter) will be harnessed to provide exclusive behind-the-scenes access, employing video and dynamic digital storytelling to immerse our audience in the event’s inner workings.

Official Lake Nona Impact Forum Social Media Accounts

Please be sure to follow our Lake Nona Impact Forum social channels by clicking on each platform listed below for the latest and most current information and updates: 

Sample Social Media Post for Attendees

Please use the following posts as a guide to crafting a personalized message to announce your attendance in the Lake Nona Impact Forum on your personal or company social media channels. 

Excited to attend the upcoming 2024 @Lake Nona Impact Forum in sunny Orlando, FL! Eager to immerse myself in insightful conversations on current topics and connect with fellow attendees, both onsite and online by using #LNIF24! 

To use one of the provided below graphics, please right click on the image to save to your device.

Sample Social Media Post for Speakers and Panelists

Please refer to the email communication from the Lake Nona Impact Forum team to access the speaker specific social media content, graphics, and sample posts. 

Official and Relevant Hashtags

#LNIF24 #womeninhealth#humanhealth#education#technology

Please be sure to check back periodically for the latest and greatest updates.