Lake Nona Impact Forum Team

Meet the Lake Nona Institute team, committed to bringing the brightest minds together for the annual Lake Nona Impact Forum.

Ally Silverton

Chief Medical Officer, Tavistock Development Company

Rachael Cohen

Strategic Alliances and Operations Manager, Tavistock Development Company

Jessi Blakley, APR

Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Communications, Tavistock Development Company

Brittani Luongo

Senior Marketing Manager, Tavistock Development Company

This is a forum not just for educating yourselves, as important as that is, but really understanding the solutions around what seem like intractable problems are and how to go make an impact yourself.”

Sanjay Gupta, MD

Chief Medical Correspondent, CNN
Staff Neurosurgeon, The Emory Clinic
Chief of Neurology, Grady Memorial Hospital