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At the 2019 Lake Nona Impact Forum, Dr. Jim Weinstein, MS, DO discusses how to bring innovation into various communities differently, to execute against the communities’ needs. And the implications of inequities that must be addressed in order to move our country and the world forward. Dr. Weinstein asserts, “The people that live in the wrong zip code, could potentially live 25 years less than somebody who lives in a different zip code, just by where they live. Those are facts.”

Dr. James N. Weinstein joined Microsoft in July 2018 as Senior Vice President, Microsoft Healthcare, leading strategy and innovation. Dr. James N. Weinstein is the immediate past Chief Executive Officer and President of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health. Under Satya Nadella, he sees Microsoft and its trust in the market as critical to supporting health care for generations to come. His most recent book, Unraveled: Prescriptions to Repair a Broken Health Care System, was published in February 2016 and serves as a roadmap for many of the changes needed in health care.

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