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Problems of Value-Based Care

Dr. David Brailer, MD, talks Value-Based Care and how it can change the healthcare industry. At the 2019 Lake Nona Impact Forum, Dr. Brailer took a few minutes to share with us about how health care had been designed since the 1960’s to consume more resources in order to make healthcare services readily available in our communities. He discusses how this has been the underlying economic condition of the industry in the modern era and how Value-Based Care can impact health care so that the industry becomes more rational and more demand responsive, without being wasteful. Dr. Brailer says, “This is not an economic problem, it is a change management problem.”

David Brailer is the Chairman of Health Evolution Partners and was appointed the first National Coordinator for Health Information Technology by President Bush in 2004. Brailer is recognized around the world as the father of the health information technology movement in the United States. As an entrepreneur, researcher, policy marker and investor, he has driven many of the key developments in digital medicine and continues to lead health care into the digital future.

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