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Is it ‘Wealth’ or ‘WELL-th’?

John Hope Bryant has dedicated his career to helping minorities achieve financial wellness, particularly in his roles as founder, chairman, & CEO of Operation HOPE and CEO of the Promise Homes Company. He believes there are seen people or unseen people. People who are seen have a healthier or higher level of wellbeing. Being seen is really important and he thinks that a lot of people feel invisible. They feel invisible to power. They feel invisible to the electorate. They feel invisible to the economy.

“Literally, poverty has nothing to do with money. Once you get beyond sustenance poverty, which is a roof over your head and food on the table and reasonable healthcare…all other poverty is mental.”

John Hope Bryant is an American entrepreneur, author, philanthropist and prominent thought leader on financial inclusion, economic empowerment and financial dignity. He has served as an advisor to three sitting U.S. presidents, from both political parties. Bryant is American Banker magazine 2016 “Innovator of the Year”, Inc.’s “The World’s 10 Top CEOs” (honorable mention), and one of Time magazine’s “50 Leaders for the Future” named in 1994.

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